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Sunday, 10 May 2020

SHIRUTO 见证 : 增强自身免疫系统

这是Evan 家里的6 岁小孩!

Timothy 21/03/20 喉咙生了很多 Ulcer  , 让小孩一直影响进食,一直很痛苦!

吃了这个Shiruto 2 天而已马上好转了!
这个shiruto 真的小孩必备的第一道防线!


Friday, 8 May 2020

[Aulora Pants] The Best Gift - Mother’s Day

❤❤Mother's Day is just around the corner but you can't find the best gift for your dearest mom🤱?

Don't worry, Aulora Pants will definitely be the ideal gift to all mothers. Prepare her a gift of love and wellness today!🎁🎁


别担心,Aulora Pants绝对是送给所有母亲的最佳礼物。 今天为她准备一份充满爱新与健康的礼物吧!🎁🎁

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