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Monday, 1 May 2017

Tashkent, Uzbekistan a.k.a Worktrip

Thanks to my company for giving me much opportunities to travel around. This is my second visit to Tashkent, Uzbekistan. For Malaysian, we need to apply visa before traveling to Uzbek. Hope this trip will bring more prospects to my university in the coming intake. For this visit, we did solo trip to senior high schools, consultation over the agent office as well as education fair. 



Thanks to my friends who always make my day happening while in Tashkent. Thanks for the best hospitality given to me. This time, I experienced riding horse, motorcar as well as full of delicious Uzbek tranditional foods.


Lastly..... herewith the bonus snaps ... hehe
My Uzbek bros~


Dubai, UAE a.k.a Worktrip

Safety arrived Dubai International Airport (Terminal 3). A wonderful plus meaningful trip to Dubai @ the mid of April 2017.

This was the busiet worktrip as to prepare itinerary for my bosses as well as to have solo visit to Education Malaysia General Consulate based Dubai, as well as visiting our agents. Well, that didn't pull me out to plan a step to desert safari 😍

Nothing is impossible as long as we well managing our schedule. That given me pretty much strength to move forward. 



Getting a considered full day board to desert safari cum with dinner over there. Seriously, the dunes ride doesn't much scary but exciting. Well, the great experience of riding camel, especially the moment they started to move as well as the moment we wanted to get down from camel, you should try!