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Wednesday, 16 September 2015

Thailand - Danok

This is my first time travel to Thailand without flight ^^ 

Simple and easy by :
1. Drive to Alor Setar (Bukit Kayu Hitam)
2. Pass the checkpoint (passport required)
3. Park your car at The Zone, Duty Free after checkpoint. (RM2 per hour)

4. Get someone to help you to fill up the arrival pass around The Zone. (RM2 required)
5. Ignore all the offers such as motorbike/taxi/travel packages.
6. Short walking distance and you will reach to the Thai Checkpoint (custom)

7. Pass your passport (RM2 charged (optional)) because my friend was asked to pay but no request to me.

8. Yes!! You are arrived, Donok!

Well. Danok is just a small town a.k.a cowboy town. Meaning to say .... Like hooker zone ^^ haha 

Sorry for being so rude but that was what I had observed because everywhere offers karaoke and massage from those sexy babes....

How about me ? I went to 7-eleven and grab some nice local food. That's my day trip @ Danok ^^

My Favorite Zone!!!! Hahaha  

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