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Monday, 20 July 2015

Afternoon Tea at Betjeman & Barton, 1Utama

One of the branch of Betjeman & Barton located at 1Utama, PJ. 

The place I had my afternoon tea with SmallnHot last Saturday. The afternoon tea begins with choosing the right tea leaf. 

Well, life is choosing the right tea leafs, where to suit your taste, to comfort your tea time as well as to match your appetite. That is totally same like your lifestyle, where to choose the suitable person to comfort your lifestyle as well as to get the right person to match in your daily activities. 

Well, after gone through few samples, we decided to choose the earl grey finest, a base of China tea combined with bergamot. It claimed as "popular" tea in Betjamen & Barton if you are the earl grey lover. It taste like earl grey definitely, but the taste abit stronger than normal earl grey.

The afternoon tea set come with a pot of tea (non-refillable, the pot volume can be filled for 4 cups) and a 3-tiers French pasties. Their French pasties quite simple and we cannot choose our favorite macaroons as it come with what they give you. So, try your luck ^^ ( i dislike that macaroons) 

Our afternoon tea cost about RM69 (get 10% discount if you pay by using your maybank credit card). 


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