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Saturday, 3 May 2014

Hatsuhana Japanese Restaurant at Park Avenue Hotel

It was just happened spotted Hatsuhana Japanese Restaurant during my stayed at Park Avenue Hotel, Sg Petani, Kedah. This restaurant serves many varieties of japanese foods and desserts. I love the environment :)

The restaurant is clean and well decorated. You will have "FULLY" Japan sense when you walked into this restaurant. Oh yah, there are quite a number of japanese who have dine-in (during my time).

Is time to the main course. Well, I ordered TWO (2) different sets (very hungry). 

1st Set : Sushi sets + Tempura
2nd Set : Sanma Shiyoyaki + Shashimi

I am quite satisfied with BOTH sets, why ... ??
Fresh ..fresh .. and FRESH :) I believe that's the most important. :) 

Sushi sets + Tempura

Sanma Shiyoyaki + Shashimi

Quality : 5 Stars
Price : reasonable ( from RM 30 - RM 50)

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