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Saturday, 3 May 2014

Hai Thien Seafood Restaurant at Kuala Perlis

Yes. WebbyLatte is keep travelling here and there to grab nice foodie. 

For this stop, Kuala Perlis. As recommended by one of my friend, I went off all the way to Kuala Perlis, Perlis. Hai Thien is a chines-owned seafood restaurant (pork-free). There are many of muslims dine-in. 

Environment wise, is quite "local" and you will able to have a great sea-view. However, is quite hot and many mosquitoes :) Therefore, is recommended you guys to bring some mosquitoes repellent cream yah. Oh yah, Hai Thien is only open night-time (from 6.30pm to 11pm) only. Don't miss your time ~

Herewith my ordered list (remarks : only one person yah :( too bad, all my friends are not free to entertain me).

1. Fried Sotong
2. Kerabu Mango
3. Kangkong Belacan
4. Lala
5. Watermelon juice

Well. It damaged me about RM 42. (this is considered very cheap!!) If you come by group, it would be cheaper, I guess. 

Food Quality : 4.5 stars 
Price : Cheap !!