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Monday, 28 April 2014

Business Trip : Visit Sarawak 2014

With the great opportunity, I had appointed to participate in one of the Malaysia Higher Institution Education Fair which located at Kuching, Sarawak. AND..... I would like to highlight it : This is my FIRST TIME, I never been Sarawak before :) So wondering......

Well. Sarawak  is one of the Malaysian states on the island of Borneo, as known as east Malaysia. Blah blah blah ... there are many historical stories behind the scene of this Borneo land, but... I am not going to explain about it :) Wanna to know more about Sarawak history ?? Please ask Mr. Google

As usual, my team and I departed from KLIA and flew directly to Kuching, the capital of Sarawak. Our first activity was crossed over the river to grab Mee Kolok and Sarawak Laksa right after settled down and checked into Riverfront Hotel, which lies along the Sarawak River. Thanks for the great arrangement that I could able to spend our time with different department staffs, Mr. T.J (Senior Lecturer + Senat) and Mr. Aifa (Finance officer). Both of them are friendly and funny, especially Mr. T.J.

Sarawak River - was taken when boating :)

Boat : crossover the river : 50 cents per ride for one person ONLY

Our Finance Controller : #Selfie-ing hahahaha

Never left out me :) Say Yay to the camera :) Edd a.k.a Aboy

My business trip buddies : Mr. TJ and Mr. Aifa

Mee Kolok

Sarawak Laksa
Personal reviewed on both dishes, that's awesome !!! The mee kolok taste similar like our chinese dry wantan mee BUT there are some "little" taste differently from wantan mee which I couldn't express my elaboration. Fret not, that's taste good ! About Sarawak laksa, the difference between normal laksa is Sarawak laksa mixs with coconut milk. I marked both of the dishes are the MUST TRY when you visit to Kuching, Sarawak. We were walking around the city and shopping mall and that was called a day.

Day 2 : The working part (markering duty) had taken the whole afternoon. No worry ~ We are the intelligent "traveller". We are proudly to recommend the Top Spot Seafood for you guys IF you plan to have seafood dinner at Kuching. So, it was also marked as our first seafood dinner at Kuching, Sarawak. Top Spot located close to Riverfront Hotel, there are more than 10 shops offering fresh and delicious seafood, is up to you to choose them randomly because I found that the price of the seafood are standardize. We ordered shrimp, oyster, vegetable and cutterfish. We are quite satisfied the dishes that we ordered with the reasonable price. It was cost us about RM120 in total excluded beverage. 

Top Spot Seafood
Vege - Sarawak (taste like Paku)

BBQ Fish - BEST -

Chinese style cutterfish

Fried Oyster ( not so recommended )

My colleagues are so enjoyable

Our Day 3 : As usual, duty (marketing), until 4pm. This was our final night at Kuching Sarawak. Is time to search for souvenirs !!! As you know, Sarawak is famous in white pepper and clothes (pure). Therefore, we were searching it shop by shop located near Hilton hotel ( about 10 mins walking distance from our Riverfront Hotel). Finally, we bought some souvenirs :) Feel so happy. After an exhausted shopping in 3 hours plus, we continued our seafood dinner at the riverside, right in front of Hilton Hotel. The seafood is VERY CHEAP and delicious. The tiger prawn was cost about RM20 (about 10 pcs) which included grilled. So? Try it when you visit, but you have to try your luck because the hawker stall will never have standard price :) My advise, bargain before order anything. We MUST !! else... PAY more lor...  The operation hour for the souvenir shop is by 9.30pm. However, for the hawker stall along the riverside is about 1am.

Sarawak Cloth (Pure) cost about Rm 65 to Rm 85 (bargain yah)

White pepper

White papper

The hawker shop right infront Hilton Hotel, beside Sarawak River

A simple free and easy dinner
Satay Sarawak - NOT BAD

One set : cost about RM 15

Very Special but I have no idea how to name this :) hehehe Special LAR
Never forgotten to #Selfie when I having this 

Cutterfish again (Mr. TJ's Favourite)

Our recommendation : Tiger Prawn (BBQ + Sambal)

Group Photo~~~

See my expression, you will know how delicious are them !!
Bonus ~~ :) Yummy

Day 4 : Our flight was about afternoon. Hehehe... We crossed over the river again to buy some layer cake. The famous one in Kuching - Dayang :) There are many varieties from the range of RM10 to RM30 as well as from cheese to non cheese...... many more ~~~ One good things is .... YOU CAN TRY THEM ALL before purchase. You may eat till you can vomit seriously !! hahaha Trust me, you will never say NO to those layer cake because the cake is cheap and delicious. Mr. T.J was the one NOT TO PLAN to buy any of the layer cake till he bought it a box back to Kuala Lumpur :) haha 

Layer Cake I

Layer Cake II

Da Laaaa ~ Group Photo (our marketing director (most right side)

Many thanks and appreciation to my company, UNITEN because of you, Eddren able to go everywhere. It's looks I'm enjoyable as travel more than business. FRET NOT, we are very serious when the time we duty. We delivered our professionalism and valuable consultancy to whoever visited our UNITEN Booth. Oh Yah ~ There are some scene shoots all the while at Kuching that I would like to share it off. I hope you enjoy it :) Please comment it IF you have any questions to be asked. I will get back to you A.S.A.P.

Thank you.

Welcome to Kuching, Sarawak

Night at the Sarawak River

Famous Kuching here hehehehe 

Captured it with the students from UMS, Sarawak

Our UNITEN booth

Kuching - Day time

Aifa and Me

So nice

An overview of Sarawak River

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