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Sunday, 9 March 2014

Review : Lotte brand Aloe Vera Juice

Hello guys, is recommending you guys to try out this best combo !! Aleo Vera Juice + Premier Korean Kimchi !!! Here I name them as healthy combo !

best combo !! 

Well. Weather is bad nowadays, everywhere are polluted :( Therefore, we have to take care to our health seriously. Yeap! By drinking Aloe Vera juice, you may get many benefits, mostly is all about vitamin C ! Lotte brand aloe Vera taste nice and sugar free, but then I still can get the so called natural sweet when the time I drank it. In additions, this aloe vera juice have no artificial colors, have no preservatives as well as no sugar !! All is about natural sweet :) 

Here we go by my little review :)

Remember this brand :) You may grab that for around RM10.90 at Jusco Malaysia

How rich is the aloe vera in that bottle :) Yummy yummy

I'm drinking it !! Gosh !! I love that the most !!!!

I feel that my mouth float with aloe vera !!! Feel cooling plus "beauty" hahahaha 

Yeah !! Aloe vera juice review - DONE !!!! #Selfie lorrr

Here presenting my little and simple review. Hope you're happy with it :) What you're waiting for ? Grab your own Aloe Vera juice back home today !!!


  1. Is this really sugar free? I've tried it and its kinda sweet.

    1. Haha !! Yeah sugar free... Have no idea why is sweet @@" but not so sweet

  2. - it doesn't mean if it's sugar free it's no longer sweets ... it has natural sweets.

  3. It is outstanding for creating a thin, clear gel-like substance that gives alleviating help to normal skin aggravations. hoe aloe vera gebruiken