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Sunday, 9 March 2014

Review : Lotte brand Aloe Vera Juice

Hello guys, is recommending you guys to try out this best combo !! Aleo Vera Juice + Premier Korean Kimchi !!! Here I name them as healthy combo !

best combo !! 

Well. Weather is bad nowadays, everywhere are polluted :( Therefore, we have to take care to our health seriously. Yeap! By drinking Aloe Vera juice, you may get many benefits, mostly is all about vitamin C ! Lotte brand aloe Vera taste nice and sugar free, but then I still can get the so called natural sweet when the time I drank it. In additions, this aloe vera juice have no artificial colors, have no preservatives as well as no sugar !! All is about natural sweet :) 

Here we go by my little review :)

Remember this brand :) You may grab that for around RM10.90 at Jusco Malaysia

How rich is the aloe vera in that bottle :) Yummy yummy

I'm drinking it !! Gosh !! I love that the most !!!!

I feel that my mouth float with aloe vera !!! Feel cooling plus "beauty" hahahaha 

Yeah !! Aloe vera juice review - DONE !!!! #Selfie lorrr

Here presenting my little and simple review. Hope you're happy with it :) What you're waiting for ? Grab your own Aloe Vera juice back home today !!!

Friday, 7 March 2014

A Cute "Blue Bird" drew by a little kid

Hello readers, 

Somehow too sudden spotted this at my friend's cubicle - the hand drawing_churp churp posted at her cubicle wall. My quick reaction is to capture it !! so cute :) haha 

Well. This cute drawing was drew by Nabilah (still in kindagarten level, if I not mistaken), daughter of an Associate Professor. According to my friend, Nabilah went to her cubicle last few days, and she saw Churp Churp (Toy). She asked :" What is that blue bird?, I'm going to draw that." With just a red, blue ball pen, highlighter, she drew this up....

Special dedication to all Churpers as well as churp churp :) May this make your day ....

Cute right?

Original Churp Churp

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