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Monday, 10 February 2014

Movie Review : The Journey 一路有你

Many of the traditions are so simplified by the modern people nowadays. The journey is a cross-continental story that explores the idea of culture, not just as tradition but as an expression of Love <3. The story begin with Uncle Chuan, an old fashioned and conservative man staying alone in Cameron Highland, Malaysia, leading a lonely retired life. He hope to reunite with his only daughter, Ah Bee, who will be returning from overseas after graduation and stay together as a traditional family. Well, Ah Bee came back after graduation but she brought back her foreign boyfriend, Benji, and planned to get married. Uncle Chuan opposes their marriage because Beiji lack of cultural understanding and comprehension of Chinese traditions. Unexpected circumstances ensue, uncle Chuan reluctantly submits to their union, on the condition that their wedding adheres to Chinese tradition. A part of the tradition, uncle Chuan must invite all of his childhood friends personally, no matter is at the north or west of Malaysia. So, the quintessential odd couple, Benji and uncle Chuan, embark on a cross country adventure to deliver the wedding invitations. Despite language barriers and initial hesitation from both parties, the two men come to realize that their priorities are essentially one and the same...

Well guys, this is a highly recommended movie you should go ahead to. Please continue the story in any GSC outlet. You will never regret to watch this such a meaningful & touching movie :)

Thank you. 

The Journey Deco - Paradigm Mall, PJ, Malaysia

#Selfie before heading to theater room, GSC Paradigm Mall

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