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Tuesday, 7 January 2014

Tous Les Jours Bakery

A quick review for Tous Les Jors Cafe, a famous French-Asian Bakery, located at Starhill, KL. Well, this bakery is operated by Korean, quite a numbers of branches in South Korea. 

In Malaysia, there are two branches which located at Bangsar and Starhill  - so far i know lah - . The outlook of this bakery is quite classy western style bakery. The queue system is free and easy, meaning you have to grab your seat, bread, toast, dessert all by yourself :) 

For the bread & Toast lover as like me, that will be the new spot where you can discover and hang over !!! :) The price range for each foodie and drinks are reasonable. 

About the Foodie's taste, is really subjective to different people, because my friends mentioned that he/she felt "So So", "over rated".. etc. Au opinion, why not we pay a visit and will know about it ? hehe ... Hope my pictures will motivate you to get into this cafe yah :)

Personally, I'm quite satisfied lah ... ~

Starhill, KL, Malaysia - branch

two floors

The popular tart is left ONE


My FAV !!!

Desserts & Cakes


  1. Which is your favourite ? >.<

    1. Hello Sarah from, thanks for commenting my post. Personally, I prefer cheese kipfel and sweet garlic stick !! Probably to have an outing ? I will definitely grab you one :) -