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Thursday, 9 January 2014

Doraemon Expo 2013/14

Doraemon, an anime series or an Asian franchise, a quite popular anime or electronic cat for everyone of you, I believe. For me, Doraemon is sort like a miracle electronic cat who have magical bottomless 4D pocket which you cant predict how many magical gadgets that has come out from that pocket has been a beautiful and unforgettable part of our childhood memories. 

Fujiko Fujio, the author/creator of Doraemon, has represented our friendship and future, and also shaped our dreams. Wanna to experience the wonderful or sort of magical world with Doraemon? Don't miss this out !! Doraemon Expo is here with 100 Doraemon secret gadgets, which will be held in VIVA HOME, Malaysia. I believe this is the first big scale of Expo in Malaysia. Come over and let's get the miracle together !

Information for the Doraemon Expo :

Location : Viva Home, Malaysia
Duration : From 14th Dec 2013 until 23th March 2014
Operation Hour : From 10am to 10pm

Price :
          For Adult : RM25
          For Kid    : RM15
          Senior Citizen (60 years old and above) : FREE

Kindly refer to :)

Some sharing about the Doraemon Expo which I went with my cousins. I found is worth to visit this Expo with the affordable ticket charge. Try it guys !!

Ticket - Can keep as memories :)

Let's go to the world of Doraemon

Well. There was not so crowded and I'm quite satisfied with the arrangement and placement for each of the different model of Doraemon. Hehe ... Oh Yah !! I bought something interesting !! Let's have a quick view !!

Da Dang ~~ Item 1 : Dora-yaki, the Doraemon favourite foodie !!!! 

I gonna to eat lor ... Doraemon, please dont get angry yah ~~

Da dang ~~ Item 2 : Memory bread. I think this will help me to memorize everything from a textbook !! helpful !! nyek nyek ..

Yummy Yummy 

Well. Highly recommended by So, what you're waiting for ? double up your footstep and pay a visit to this expo quickly !! YOU WILL NEVER REGRET !! Bring along your children if you do so :)

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