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Monday, 6 January 2014

Dessert time at Pastis Cafe @ The Garden Mall, KL

A quick hang out to grab some sweets after my "hard" working day. Well, I believe to grab some sweets things into your mouth will decrease your stress indirectly. AND, that's the way I used to be always. 

There is NO 0% Stress in your life
Quote of the Day 

Therefore, apply my method whenever you feel stress !! You will feel better !! :)

I went to The Garden Mall last weekend, and I decided to grab some dessert while waiting my friends. Pastis Cafe, The Garden Mall, KL which located at the ground floor of The Garden Mall, KL ( in front of Isetan). Pastis Cade has a classy place that allows customer to dine in at inner or outer of the cafe. The cafe offers mainly in dessert, pasta, and tea. So, I paid a visit into Pastis Cafe.

Well. I ordered 4 type of dessert and a cup of espresso. Personally, I wold prefer the creme brulee because not too sweet and just nice with the sugar level on the top surface. The rest, it was so so.  

The most right side - creme brulee (recommended)

Expresso - VERY bitter hehe 

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