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Friday, 17 January 2014

Artisan Roast HQ Vs Artisan T.T.D.I

After dabbling with a residential café (Artisan Roast Coffee in the affluent TTDI neighbourhood) and a mall café (Artisan Coffee Bar in Bangsar Village 2), head honcho Michael Wilson is looking for something new, yet again. Artisan Roast HQ is located in the secluded, semi-industrial enclave of Section 13 PJ, Artisan Roast HQ isn’t where you’d expect the third and latest café of a highly successful independent coffee shop brand to turn up. (Said Kenny Mah)

I had visited Artisan Roast HQ with my 2 little sisters, MG and RY. It was considered "Adhoc" outing as well as not went through a proper outing request. What we did was texted each other in our Line apps - Group spot. Ended up - MG and RY did managed to make it. Well.. well.. well.. Eleen was the one unable to make it but she met us up on the day after. Therefore, in order to share the happiness and this great spot, we decided to bring her to Artisan too but another branches, TTDI.

In this post, I will compare the 2 different Artisan branches, Artisan Roast HQ located in semi industrial as well as the other one located at TTDI. 

The environment is nice and comfortable. You will smell the richest coffee bean when you stepped into the cafe. The positive motivation was to grab a latte. However, we ended up with ordered TWG Tea and cakes. 

Indoor - Artisan Roast HQ


Very Chinese style - TWG Tea bag
RY and MG
Group Photo without Eleen

 #Artisan T.T.D.I
Artisan, the TTDI outlet, which I not preferable. Reason :
1. Difficult to grab parking
2. very pack and limited seat
3. very noisy
4. staff service was so so only

Lucky we got a corner seat :) hehe #Selfie and #Selca

we ordered latte, tea, tiramusu and apple cake
Come on, enjoy our tea with sweet dessert


Hello all, we were shouted on YOU
Nothing to be sad in our life, the moment we sad, may be the confusion we had. Once everything is clear, SETTLE. As no one is perfect, our life is always continue in learning something new, special, and meaningful. Therefore, in order to sad, why not HAPPY 365 days? 

No one cheer you up? COME TO ME !! always be your great accompany. 

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