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Saturday, 28 December 2013

Urbanscapes 2013

Thanks to Churp Churp and TigerBeer Malaysia for the sponsorship to Urbanscapes 2013 during the past November 2013. This was my first time to attend urbanscapes 2013 *wondering*.

Handband style ticket - Yeap 18+
Urbanscapes 2013 located at Serdang (surrounded UPM area), was a big, huge scale event. The outlook of the event given me a feel of freedom, outdoor, active, free and easy styles. Well, if you don't mind about Malaysia's weather (heat), you may enjoy your drink (TigerBeer) at the open area which serve with mini tables and chairs. As for me, NO ~~~ hehehe 

~ Queue Queue ~ Friendly staffs
TigerBeer is everywhere

Fashion thingys

No worry to get sunburn by just applying the sunblock offered by this booth

Food Stalls

Food Stalls take 2

Grabbing free ice cream?? Yes - recognise this booth yah !! they are given out FREE ice cream

Performance by Timezone KL

Night concert preparation

After go through the series of photos, what do you think about urbanscapes 2013? Yes, that's never end definitely. There are quite many people who lay on the grass, enjoying the event, as well as the view *quite_nice_mah*. Well, I'm not because I'm kind ultra sensitive with hygiene. hehehehe 

Okay okay. Eddren show time. xD

insta campaign - raise for women

Mr. John Chua and me - Recycle. safe earth 

Never ever forgotten to claim your gifts by completing some simple missions. Here you go !!!!

Grab a free ice cream

Mission Completed - Free ice cream is FOR YOU

Enjoyed the art performance

Enjoy the LIVE musical performance

Mission completed - Free Tee Shirt !!!!

Never try, you will never know. Is hard to elaborate every single of moments on what I felt towards the urbanscapes 2013. Therefore, let's join the fun in coming urbanscapes 2014 !!! 

Again and again *broken_english_mah*, thanks Churp Churp and TigerBeer !!! 

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