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Sunday, 29 December 2013

Singapore 2013

A quick visit to Singapore during the middle of December 2013. I was drove all the way from KL city to Johor, and placed my car at city square, Johor. Let's start our Singapore journey through causeway link - BUS. 

It was cost about RM 1 from Johor to Singapore, causeway link. Once arrived to Singapore, the bus fare all the way from Custom to Jurong East is about SGD 2.20. Curious right? What am I going to do in Jurong East? Hahaha, I went to meet my friend lar. My mini "tourguide" in Singapore, *even though she is not the local* hahahahaha. 

Jurong East Mall

Our mini "tour guide" - Centre dark angle
Well. We found that is nothing much special in Jurong East Mall as you can commonly see in KL City. We make our footstep all the way from Jurong East Mall to Orchad Road, a well known BRANDED Street in Singapore. In additions, there are lots of Christmas decoration all along the street. Definitely, we grabbed this opportunity to make many poses in different angle spot of Christmas Deco. Therefore, we took MRT all the way from Jurong East to Orchad road. It's took us about 2 hours. *believe it or not*

Daytime of Orchad Mall

Night time of Orchad Mall

We went to Marina Sand Bay after our orchad road visit. The modern, high class HOTEL@Casino who owned by GENTING. I marked this as THE MUST VISIT place for those who come to Singapore. Besides, the biggest garden is located surrounded the hotel. Picture .. picture ....

Well. Even though that was a tiring trip but all of us quite enjoyable and happy to explore Singapore !!! That's a full stop in my holiday chapter. 


  1. Thanks for your information. I love Singapore

    1. Happy to hear that :) Hope you enjoy the way I bloged .... hehe

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