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Saturday, 28 December 2013

Kinta Riverfront Hotel - Ipoh

A special recommendation to all my readers who searching for any hotels in Ipoh, Perak. Personally, I'm quite satisfied the environment. It was clean, nice, and located at the centre of Ipoh city.

That was so convenient for me to drive out for searching local foods in Ipoh from this hotel. *it took me about 5 mins* One of my favourite spot which grabbing the chicken rice/noodle is Lou Wong. You're reminded to have preparation to QUEUE yah, because you need to queue !!  The only reason? A LOT people mah. 

Some hints for you guys yah, while queuing, DO NOT SHY, stand right in front the table, because you may influenced the people who speed up their dinner *joking* lar. Main thing is to make sure others will not straight away take your seat. There are sort "informal" queue which means the queue system is not manage by the owner of Lou Wong. Grab your seat whenever you spotted. 

It cost about RM 30 plus for my dinner FOR 2. *two drinks, 2 rice, 1 plain noodle, chicken served for 2, and Sprouts*

I found that's consider quite economy lah. You should have a try at least :)

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