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Monday, 30 December 2013

CNY coming soon after Christmas

Gong Xi Fa Cai

Time is really like flying shadow, Phew ~ Chinese New Year is coming soon in less than 32 days. OMG !! I'm going to older and oldest :(

Well. A quick scenes flashed while accessing my photo album. I guess you guys had already forgotten about our happy moment :) YC, MG and RY ... still remember? hehe 

YC !! You're too concentrate jor

YC, RY and MG

Look at them xD hahaha 

with me xD hahahaha 

Da dang ~~ Our Calligraphy's outcome :x Sorry lah ... long time never practice mah, sure ugly de mah .... hahahahahhaahahahha ... 

By Me - Eddren Law


by Me - Eddren Law

by MG

by RY

by YC

Forgotten who did this, seem to be by RY

by YC lor

So..... What's you're waiting for? Come on, let's start it !! CNY feel, come lah come lah ... hahahhaa 

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