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Sunday, 29 December 2013

#ChurpChristmas Tour 2013

Jingle Bell, Jingle Bell, Jingle All the Way

A warm invitation from Churp Churp, my Favourite social media host. Yes, I am cordially invited to their #ChurpChristmas Tour 2013 and I chosen the timeslot - 24th December 2013, 11am, which was Christmas Eve !!!

I am so excited to visit their memeland decorated office - the orange office which located at Heritage House. KL. Amir, one of the active churper, who came earlier than me !! We were served with "Japanese" bean style biscuit while waiting for the rest. 

Useful sticker - written by Amelia

An ice breaking session was began with a simple game - Guess who you are. This game was fun and required to communicate with each others in order to complete the mission. Too bad, I was in the game, which unable to take photo :(

Nick Yap, one of the executive (Churp Churp) as known as one of the host who brought us tour around his office. Definitely assisted by his colleague, Amelia, a pretty girl and super friendly !!! You will feel to befriend and talk to her any times! hehe sorry, I'm not the wolf yah xD Oh yah, never forgotten one of the intern staff, Asther, who have 6 wishes in her Christmas Year 2013. *hehehe saw it at the wish tress* Hope your "wishes" come true, if didn't, No worry, wait for next year !!

Well, we were given small gifts from each different department in Orange Office. In additions, we saw quite a different decoration which designed by respective different department. Happy and full with Christmas Feels. Photos, here you go ....

Rainbow theme - Candy Land

Lance !! I saw you !! BUT you dono me LOR

There were interview session during our Tour

Wanna to know about their wishes? Here you go ... Wish Tree

Place your wishes here

Wanna to get blessed ? Here you go !!!

Again, thanks Churp Churp for the invitation and we enjoyed the Tour as well as Christmas pressies from different department.

Grabbed from Churp Churp hehehhee

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year !!!

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