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Sunday, 8 December 2013

Beijing, China - Family Trip xD

*Past-tense* A Family Trip to Beijing, China. Well, that was my first visit to Beijing, China and it was not so terrible as I expected. I love the natural views which refreshing my eye all the time :) Food wise, was not so terrible but quite oily. However, the one and only thing which I really can't accept untill now is their public toilet. So smelly, and so called "Open". Quite curious right? What do i meant of "Open" ? Some of the locals didn't lock their door when they are doing their "big business". Therefore, imaging that you're the one who open the door. What do you feel? As for me, I was quite embarrassed when I saw a guy doing his "business" right infront of me. Yuack !!!! ish .. ish ...
Back to our topic.... the trip begins by arriving to Beijing Airport....

Beijing Airport

After an approximately 6 hours of journey, we are arrived to Beijing International Airport. Everyone of us were so hungry. Therefore, our first stop was be at one of the famous Dim Sum restaurant at Beijing. After our breakfast, we went to traditional courtyard. You will really feel the conventionalliving style of those locals in china, they are simple, organic as well as friendly.

Our Dim Sum Spot

Main entrance of Courtyard

My brother and I - all the way visiting the courtyard

Our next move - Royal Palace of Beijing, China. I had been saw that building in any of the Hong Kong Drama many times. Surprisingly, I have not so excited when I stomping right in front of that building. I think is because of too crowded, maybe ~ 
City Gate

My Family

Main Meeting Room for Emperor

Bedroom for Emperor

Living Room for Emperor

Next chapter - natural view & the great wall journey. Well, The Great Wall looks normal, but that's not so easy to "climb" if your have no enough stamina xD Shhh, I almost collapsed. So, want to take your challenge ? Welcome to The Great Wall !!! hahaha. 

The Great Wall - with Family

Let's begin it !! Eddren

Can't lah, I need rest - Eddren

Next, a quick visit to giant panda museum. Honestly, I hate that the most because the TOO CROWDED. However, I am more preferable for my next attraction visits - temple which built on the mountain. I forgotten the full name of the temple but what I would like to highlight is, NICE scene and NICE environment. Sadly, the  weather was not so good, we are almost wet because of the "half-way" raining. 

Main Entrance for Giant Panda

Mr. Panda was sleeping
Great view on the way heading to temple

The temple - I am there !!! Can see ??

Well, let's my picture to continue my happy ending of Family Trip xD. Thanks for reading. 

Bing Tang Hu Lu - Traditional Dessert (honey fruits)

Wang Fu Jin

Shopping Paradise - Night life

Stadium Olympic - China
Shui Li Fang

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