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Sunday, 29 December 2013

Ad-hoc Meet Up with MG and RY

I believe LINE apps would be one of the great social media to link to our friends and relatives any times, everywhere. An sudden "ad-hoc" meeting request was sent to Miss MG and Miss RY through LINE apps. Surprisingly, they accepted my request @@" 

*** Miss MG, the one who had already employed and working in the stress environment, was the one who applied facial mask in order to reduce her stress. BUT then hor, she washed it immediately because of the meeting request !! hahaha  

*** Miss RY, the one who jobless after graduation, way seeking any new job opportunities. She so called "zai nv", meaning that she rarely wish to hang out since her BF is not around. Therefore, stay at home everyday, watching movie and sleeping are her core activities nowadays. 

Took me about 30 minutes to fetch Miss RY from Cita Damansara Condo and Miss MG from Taman Paramount, PJ. Special thanks to Garmin Navigator !! because I'm not so familiar to recognise the road and streets around PJ, KL due to rarely hang around that area.

That's the common problems day to day in PJ - JAM JAM JAM. So, be patient lah. After a quick discussion, we decided to go to Wong Kok - SS2. Never ever forgotten our common habits - Let's Photo ~

Well. It was fun and even though this two little girls have graduated their first degree but I found both of them are still the same, funny, blur, and always happy de lor. HAHA. Is good to hang with them when the time you feel stress because their "happiness" may influence you to be not too stress, no other best elaboration much. xD BUT HOR, they cant decide anything on the spot >"< SO, have to HELP them to decide lah. 

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