Nothing is more important than life. You will realize the simplicity of that point only when you confront death everyday.

Saturday, 7 December 2013

A Life To Be Determined by Yourself - Eddren

A simple life, simply man, & happy go lucky person, Eddren. Well. This is my first post of expressing my point of views toward my life. Hope that this post will not to be bored to my readers, either visible or invisible.

Life is not easy, as I meant not only for myself but everyone perhaps. My first principle, treat everyone as my friends instead of enemy. Well, to behave all the while, I think I did a great job on this as my friendships have no specific target of generation. No matter who you are, where you from, what you meant, as long as I treat you as Friends. 

You are so secretive type of person. You never ever share out your thoughts to some one who called friends. said sarah. 

Yeah! I'm quite agreed. Generally, I am a nice person and I believe that you're agree with that too. Specifically, I am a kind of introvert person. I have no courage to trust anyone as I always get cheated and betrayed. Well, that did not change my attitude to be nice to people.The way of handling my stress is to release to someone. Therefore,sorry for any of my emo-ness came unexpectadly to you. You are such nice person but sometime you are so stubborn too. Maybe we can be best of the best friends in future xD As now, BFF lah !! haha ....

Next, my second principle, help you whatever under my ability control. Referring to my job wise, I am an academic staff @ senior executive in university marketing department. Ethically, I do not mind to do extra work to gain more knowledge as well as to improve my industrial experiences. Generally, my working life looks simple, easy, and high income. Well, not to demand too much regarding to my income because that is very subjective. Working wise, nothing to elaborate much as I hope everyone work ethical and responsible to any assignments assigned to them.

Life didn't get better than HAPPY. You dont have to overhaul your life to change its tone: Simple stpes you can start today will put you on the path to your own personal high-water mark of positive feelings, said IAN K SMITH, M.D.

Want to know more about way of handling my life to be more happier? Let's study HAPPY together. The simple steps to get the most out of LIFE as well as you might release your stress too.

Thank you.

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