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Monday, 18 November 2013

SukiYa Steamboat Buffet with my Secondary School Buddies

Time is like flying shadow ~ approximately 10 years goes like water fall.. nyek nyek.. However, our friendship still remained as usual. 

We are not always meet
We are not always talk
We are not always together
BUT we are always the Best Friend Forever.

Our meeting spot : SukiYa, Pavillion, Kuala Lumper
Our meeting time : Dinner time LOR
Reason : No reason, once called up, all ON. 

As usual, I went to YK house and from there, one by one chauffeuring the ladies. SukiYa is my recommended steamboat buffet spot, I love the most. Well, the dishes they serve is not much as what we normally went for Eat all You can buffet style, but one thing I love the most is "Fresh". Yeah. All the dishes, meats are fresh!! Their soup are clear and tasty ! Plus, the prices is affordable. I will definitely visit many times in future. 

Little background about SukiYa |

This “House of Hot Pot” is designed to offer heart-warming dining experiences at equally endearing prices. Diners enjoy unlimited, top-quality Australian chilled beef and lamb in paper-thin slices and farmed chicken that are oh-so-delicious in their own right. Another highlight of Suki-Ya is its vegetable bar featuring a wide variety of fresh vegetables to round up the meal with a healthy touch. Along with sumptuous soups and broths, dining at Suki-Ya is bound to perk up everyone’s taste buds!


Me, YK and LZ,Lobak

End with happiness 

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