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Monday, 11 November 2013

Ice Skating Day

Dancing on the ice is one of my dream, but this mission is not as easy as ABC. Therefore, in order to achieve my goal, let's go to have some "fun" as well as self-"training" at Sunway Pyramid. I met Mr.Gin, Miss RY, Miss J and Mr.SJ at Uni campus then we went to Sunway Pyramid, around 10.30am from campus.

Well well well, is so difficult for us to balance ourselves when the moment we stand on the ice. That took us around 10 mins to comfort the environment. Finally, Mr. Gin and me able to skate "smoothly round by round. We did not manage to fall down - so sad... hahahahaha Furthermore, we started to skate as "train" style but we got hold and warned by the staff there. Even though that's sort of "dangerous" but we're so enjoyable. WAKAKAKAKA.

Some pictures snapped and keep for our memories ~~

Couple of the week :) Mr.Gin + Miss J, Mr. SJ + Miss RY

Group Photo during the rest time :)

Yes, is Me !!! :)

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