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Thursday, 17 October 2013

September'13 Outing with my Uni-mates at Ben's Cafe

Hi guys, 

Did you planned to have any gathering with your friends around Pavillion, Kuala Lumpur? If your answer is YES, I would like to recommend Ben's Cafe, which located at the top floor in Pavillion, Kuala Lumpur.

The reason that I choose this cafe is mainly because of their environment :) Personally, I prefer not that crowded as well as air-condition area. Well, I had ordered their popular desserts - Red Velvet Cake and Classic Chocolates Cake with Ice Cream. Herewith the quick review :

Little intro about Ben's Cafe  :
From a breezy marine penthouse to a sophisticated Manhattan townhouse, a Savannah plantation, an understated Australian house and a 1900s colonial-style interior; Ben's unique d├ęcor is modelled after a dream-like home right here in Malaysia. As a home-grown restaurant with its signature style, emphasis is placed on the familial quality that Ben's has adopted, hence the value of building relationships through food in a cosy and welcoming environment.
Taking on a modern interpretation of East-meets-West, there are plenty of choices for everyone to enjoy. Whether for coffee, a big family get together or even a relaxed weekend brunch, Ben's is perfect for any occasion and welcomes friends and families to enjoy themselves just as they would at home.

Mini Games - is creative and fun!

Classic Chocolate Cake with Ice Cream

The Classic Chocolate Cake with Ice Cream, have a rich chocolate taste with sweety ice cream vanilla. I personally quite prefer this dessert however is not recommended to have it each per person because I'm sure you cant finish all :) Next, red velvet cake, was normal but is nice to eat. I will highly recommend you guys to order sky juice (plaint water) when you having dessert. Don't ask me why, try it first and you will get your answer :)

Amanda, Kheng Wei and Me

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