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Saturday, 19 October 2013

My Juniors a.k.a Teams


Just a simple throwback those memorable pictures where captured with my juniors as known as "1 Team" in my former university, before and after I had completed my first degree.

First and foremost, 1-Team version 1 with 90's, they are simple, nice, and quite loyalty in term of friendship. Any of us have conflicts, troublesome, or misunderstanding, there will surely have one of it who trying his/her best to solve it. Our main objective, friendship forever. ~~

Proudly welcome my 90's Team : 3J1M - Joanne, Johnson, John Chua and Mai

Joanne, Me, and Mai

Johnson, Mai, John Chua
Hope you guys still keep this yah ....

Appreciate all the time you guys spent with me. Emo..emo...Emo.. are our common reaction but I believe that will not be any barrier for our friendship. Good Luck guys !!

Next, my 1-Team version 2 with 91's. This team is quite special because it formed by 3 little girls and 1 "troublesome" guy who have the similarities such as naive, lively, and easygoing. That were many time I felt emo on them but their reaction changed my mind. You will know once you close with them. Their life is simple and you will always see them having the smiley faces all the time. Oh yah !! the "troublesome" means... always FFK !! cannot this cannot that.. but then, is still consider good buddy LAR~

Guess you guys will quite curious right? who are them... who are them...??

Welcome my 93's Team - Mei Gie, Ruyi, Eleen and Eu Gin

Eu Gin, Eleen, Me, and Ruyi

Me, Eu Gin, Ruyi and Mei Gie

Ruyi, Mei Gie, Me, and Eu Gin

Ruyi, Mei Gie, Eleen and Me

Our crazy moment never end, you guys changed my life to be more active, young and fresh. All the best to you guys!!

Officially, I back to "Single" Status. Any new team.........

~ OMG ~

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