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Saturday, 19 October 2013

My Juniors a.k.a Teams


Just a simple throwback those memorable pictures where captured with my juniors as known as "1 Team" in my former university, before and after I had completed my first degree.

First and foremost, 1-Team version 1 with 90's, they are simple, nice, and quite loyalty in term of friendship. Any of us have conflicts, troublesome, or misunderstanding, there will surely have one of it who trying his/her best to solve it. Our main objective, friendship forever. ~~

Proudly welcome my 90's Team : 3J1M - Joanne, Johnson, John Chua and Mai

Joanne, Me, and Mai

Johnson, Mai, John Chua
Hope you guys still keep this yah ....

Appreciate all the time you guys spent with me. Emo..emo...Emo.. are our common reaction but I believe that will not be any barrier for our friendship. Good Luck guys !!

Next, my 1-Team version 2 with 91's. This team is quite special because it formed by 3 little girls and 1 "troublesome" guy who have the similarities such as naive, lively, and easygoing. That were many time I felt emo on them but their reaction changed my mind. You will know once you close with them. Their life is simple and you will always see them having the smiley faces all the time. Oh yah !! the "troublesome" means... always FFK !! cannot this cannot that.. but then, is still consider good buddy LAR~

Guess you guys will quite curious right? who are them... who are them...??

Welcome my 93's Team - Mei Gie, Ruyi, Eleen and Eu Gin

Eu Gin, Eleen, Me, and Ruyi

Me, Eu Gin, Ruyi and Mei Gie

Ruyi, Mei Gie, Me, and Eu Gin

Ruyi, Mei Gie, Eleen and Me

Our crazy moment never end, you guys changed my life to be more active, young and fresh. All the best to you guys!!

Officially, I back to "Single" Status. Any new team.........

~ OMG ~

Friday, 18 October 2013

[ThrowBack] Family Dinner at Morganfield, Pavillion, Kuala Lumpur

Oh Yeah !! It had seem over 9 months ago that I went to Morganfield for my family dinner with my lovely parents and siblings. ( Sorry... I'm too busy till forgotten to write up this meaningful post )

Almost 2 hours stucked in the traffic jam all the way from Kajang to Pavillion during the past Saturday, after 6pm (9 months ago). Well, that's very common in KL area. Even felt so annoyed but what to do ?? You want to have nice food or not..... - Self Motivation - 

A quick info about Morganfield:

The American Blues, the quintessential element of the American Midwest that tells the historical journey of modern America today. Developed when African American workers migrated to the midwest and northeast during the Great Migration in the early 50s, these acoustic cum harmonica-based bluesy-jazz tunes started as street-corner based music. Soon through, the music gained and spread across America with the same energy as its advocates.

With as much vigor as the music that accompanied them, the workers also introduced their own style of cuisine, spinning their Delta Blues whilst venturing into their life's other passion: FOOD !!. Or, more specifically, good ol' fashioned barbecued pork ribs, with an extra dose of charming Southern hospitality! And so the essence of Morganfield's began.

During some nights at Morganfiled's, you can sense the original toe-tapping excitement of the roaring 50's, venturing back to times when life was stress free and great music and food reigned, easing the long summer's day.
[ taken from ]

Pork..... Ribs....?? cooked with different style, taste..... have you try it before?? 

Morganfield - It's all about sticky bones, yummy yummy ... Oh Yeah !! I'm the captain of the day :) I  had ordered their Oinkingly Good (Specialties)  dishes such as :

Appertizer Platter

Garden Salad
Chicken Caesar Salad

Main Dishes
Hickory wood-smoked Ribs (half slab)
Hickory BBQ Spare Ribs (half slab)
Smoked Peppercorn Spare Ribs (half slab)
Seafood Basket

Appertizer Platter

Hickory wood-smoked rib (half slab)

3 different Sticky Bones dishes

Seafood Basket

My brothers :)
Well. Herewith the quick comment about the meal and environment.

The environment for Morganfield, Pavillion KL, is nice but personally felt a bit noisy, due to too crowded. Oh Yah, I would suggest you guys to make reservation first, do not just walk-in especially during the weekend because there are always Full House during weekend. 

For the food taste and quality wise, is NICE !! The ribs taste juicy and original cooked with different styles and matched with different sauces. Please make sure that you're NOT to order Full Slab for any sticky bones IF there is only a few of you guys who dine in because each of the portion they served are really filling. dont waste food mahhhh 

Overall, I quite satisfied with their services and the food quality. I cant recall that how much I had spent for this dinner since that was 9 months ago. However, I think that's still affordable and worth to have a try. 

References |
C4.03.00, Level 4 (beside Red Box Plus),
Pavilion KL Shopping Mall,
168 Jalan Bukit Bintang,
55100 Kuala Lumpur.
Tel: 03-2141 3192
Fax: 03-2141 1759

Thursday, 17 October 2013

September'13 Outing with my Uni-mates at Ben's Cafe

Hi guys, 

Did you planned to have any gathering with your friends around Pavillion, Kuala Lumpur? If your answer is YES, I would like to recommend Ben's Cafe, which located at the top floor in Pavillion, Kuala Lumpur.

The reason that I choose this cafe is mainly because of their environment :) Personally, I prefer not that crowded as well as air-condition area. Well, I had ordered their popular desserts - Red Velvet Cake and Classic Chocolates Cake with Ice Cream. Herewith the quick review :

Little intro about Ben's Cafe  :
From a breezy marine penthouse to a sophisticated Manhattan townhouse, a Savannah plantation, an understated Australian house and a 1900s colonial-style interior; Ben's unique d├ęcor is modelled after a dream-like home right here in Malaysia. As a home-grown restaurant with its signature style, emphasis is placed on the familial quality that Ben's has adopted, hence the value of building relationships through food in a cosy and welcoming environment.
Taking on a modern interpretation of East-meets-West, there are plenty of choices for everyone to enjoy. Whether for coffee, a big family get together or even a relaxed weekend brunch, Ben's is perfect for any occasion and welcomes friends and families to enjoy themselves just as they would at home.

Mini Games - is creative and fun!

Classic Chocolate Cake with Ice Cream

The Classic Chocolate Cake with Ice Cream, have a rich chocolate taste with sweety ice cream vanilla. I personally quite prefer this dessert however is not recommended to have it each per person because I'm sure you cant finish all :) Next, red velvet cake, was normal but is nice to eat. I will highly recommend you guys to order sky juice (plaint water) when you having dessert. Don't ask me why, try it first and you will get your answer :)

Amanda, Kheng Wei and Me