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Saturday, 17 August 2013

Workout Day - Resume after the long long break

Well. Is sort of tiring and demotivated to step in the gym room. I was one of active person who volunteered to get into body combat class. However, this motivation was lost after my long long vacation :)

I think this will not the end. Yes !! Eddren! You can do it ! Let's start with a basic running by using treadmill. 

Time : 30 minutes
Speed : 9.5

Well. After an exhausted run. Let's come to do some sit-up to burn out my belly fats.

Times : 60

Well. Really can't continue as considered "1st time" after break. Do not force yourself to max. Is time to sit down to have a nice break while releasing the heat from your body to outer.

After 15 mins break. Sauna time as well as bath :)

It's called a day for my gym. Thanks for reading :)

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