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Thursday, 15 August 2013

[Tea Review] Hotel Seri Carcosa, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

Presently received my cousin's message : " Let's go for tea". Oh yah!! this reminded me that she is back from italy with MBA in Fashion. Well. the initial planning was to go to Grand Hyatt to have our afternoon tea. However, this plan was changed because of me :) 

I had been reviewed quite a lot website which are discussing about how awesome of the Traditional English Afternoon Tea at Hotel Seri Carcosa. Well, here we go to experience it :) 
*** Special thanks to waze (phone apps) which bring us from Taman Desa to Hotel Seri Carcosa. 

I have been visited many places in Malaysia for English afternoon tea. The most memorable will be dined in at TWG, Pavillion KL. However, in term of atmosphere, I would say that Hotel Seri Carcosa is the one of the most elegant because it located in a refurbished colonial building,which surrounded by manicured lawns and well groomed gardens. 
*** It was the official residence for Queen Elizabeth II and Prince Philip

The main entrance of Hotel Seri Carcosa

Both indoor and outdoor seating offer agreeable settings. Is highly recommended anyone of you to make reservation before you go there because sometime they are not allowed for walk-in guest due to Full House. Thanks God, we managed to get a seat (verandah) without making any reservation. What to do, first time mah :) 

The drawing room is the cooler option with air conditioning, plush lounges and traditional English style decoration. However, the verandah is cooled by ceiling fans and proffers a serene green outlook. 

Drawing room Picture I

Drawing room Picture II

Drawing room Picture III

Verandah Picture I

Verandah Picture II

Verandah Picture III

Well, we ordered 2 persons portion of English afternoon tea (Rm75 per person) and 1 extra pot of tea. The english afternoon tea was served decently with tiered platter of sweet and savory treats. HOWEVER, that's not recommended by me for the next visit because the food are terrible and unpalatable. That's the worst English Afternoon tea that I had before. Seriously !!

Fruit cake : taste like so so. I will rather buy it at hypermarket, commented by my cousin.
Scones : So hard and tasteless. 
Chocolate cake : too sweet
Sandwich : nothing special

Oh yah. They didn't serve macaroon :( too bad...........

3 tier English Afternoon Tea for 2 person

Top tier - English Afternoon Tea

Mid tier - English Afternoon Tea

Bottom tier - English Afternoon Tea

English Afternoon Tea


In conclusion, this place is all about ambience but not for "perfect" afternoon tea taste. Therefore, if you wish to visit, dress elegantly and prepare your most polite topics of conversation to play your role in posturing a traditional English Afternoon Tea. Some nice pictures about the environment for you all :)

Picture I

Picture II

Picture III - Oh yah !! the one and only HAVE ME IN !!

Picture IV

Picture V

Picture VI

Picture VII

Our Bill 

Summary (based on my personal opinion) 

Food Taste      : UNPALATABLE
Price                : VERY EXPENSIVE !!! 

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Carcosa Seri Negara
Taman Tasik Perdana Persiaran Mahameru
50480 Kuala Lumpur Malaysia
+603 2295 0888

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