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Thursday, 15 August 2013

[Food Review] Mae Salong Thai Restaurant

Are you a Thai Food lover..... ? 

I am here to recommend one of my reviewed thai restaurant during my outstation work at Sg. Petani, Kedah. Environment wise, is great because the restaurant look like a small village. The table and chairs are designed using tree trunk. 

Well. This restaurant is always FULL HOUSE. Therefore, do reservation first or go there early :) 

Yes yes yes.... I am alone again. BUT, this will not stop me to order more food :) Well, the waiter was shocked when she heard that I ordered so many foods but only one person dine in :) Haha... Here with my menu and comments:

Ikan Belis with honey and chilis (Appetizer) :  taste normal that you can get it at Thailand anytime
Seafood Tom Yam Soup : taste traditional Thai cooked !! Very spicy lor but awesome !
Thai fried chicken : nothing special
Ikan Bakar : Awesome, fish was fresh 
Thai Dessert : very sweet but delicious

Seafood Tom Yam

Thai Fried Chicken

Thai Dessert

Ikan Belis with honey and chilis

Ikan bakar

Well. I did not finished my dishes is not because of not nice but is too filling. Here with some "AFTER" pictures :) Say yes to waste the food (sorry ....)

wasted food
Yes! is me !! the one who waste the food

In conclusion, the food is nice but the way to go to this restaurant is so scary because it located very inner from the main road of sg.petani. 

Reference |
Mae Salong Restaurant 199-E, Kampung Bakar Bata 
08000 Sungai Petani, Kedah 
Mr. Lim 012-725-5389 
Mdm. Low 019-576-8691 
Ms.Lim 019-458-6451

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