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Sunday, 26 May 2013

Product Review : Aloe Vera Soothing Gel - Nature Republic

Hey guys, I so recently used the aloe vera gel and I found that is awesome !! This product make my skin perfectly smooth and cooling :) I love it so much.Oh yah,you guys must give a Try mark for it.

Well. I found that there are many ways to apply this product, here with some sharing from me :)

1. Apply face
You will definitely feels moisturizing and fresh around your face area.This can be apply as "simple mask" without wide off =) Save time and Save cost.

2. Apply Body
If you're the kind of dislike too milky's body lotion product applying on your body, this product is totally suit you at all. No milky, no oilly at all. You will just feel that "3 sec oilly" when the time you apply on it, then you will feel smooth and cooling after that. No oilly and milky for sure.

3. Apply to eye
There is one perfect and secret way of using this product that I can share with you. Yeap !! You can use this product as eye cream. Opps, it should be called eye gel =) Well, you can prefer to apply it directly to the eye's circle area or you prepare two cotton pads, put some aloe vera gel on the cotton pads and apply the pads on your eye, then relax for 15 minutes. This kind of method will make yourself relax and cooling, definitely will reduce your dark circle and eye bag.  

4. Apply to sunburn area
A well known solution for the sunburn area is to apply it by using aloe vera. Just try it and you will found that is better than using "banana" brand :)

5. Apply to dry skin/dead skin area around your foot area
You can present this product to your mom/grandma/aunty, as I'm sure that they are all having dead skin/dry skin around their foot area. Well, I cant promise it can totally remove the dead skin/dry skin, but it can be improved and prevent :) 

Thank you.


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