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Sunday, 2 December 2012

Adrenaline Junkie Challenge 2012

Have you know about "Adrenaline Junkie Challenge 2012" ?? That was my first question when the time I received an invitation text from Mai. What can i do in that contest @@" OMG~~

Well. I found the answer from The Sun Daily. 

The Genting Adrenaline Junkie Challenge 2012 (Malaysia & Singapore) is back, the participants will have the opportunity to join in the fun and challenge to win fabulous prizes - courtesy of Resort World Berhad.

The Challenge is a test of both courage and wit of the participants, as they rush through Genting Theme Park to take the thrill rides and solve puzzles along the way.

The participant and partner to reach the finish line with the completed correct puzzle answers will be declared the grand prize winner. Rewards include a Genting Adrenaline Junkie Challenge 2012 trophy; a 3D2N stay at Awana Genting Highlands inclusive of breakfast for 2; 4 Genting All Park 1 Day Unlimited Ride passess; and Genting Theme Park merchandise.

There will also be a 2D1N stay at First World Hotel as well as other prizes for the best Malaysian team, best Singapore team and also for the most happening team.

Well. We gathered at Wisma Genting before 7.15am on that day (1st December 2012). The organizer prepared a MPV came to fetch us to Genting Conventional Hall. Firstly, I felt so VVIP as we going to Genting by MPV instead of Express BUS. However, is NOT AT ALL !!  It was so tortured, because the "MPV" keep on swing here and there, really not stable at all. I was so dizzy and car sick at that moment =( I think it was so unfortunate for me to have that so "Professional" driver.

The first 30 minutes we were in the MPV :

Let's Photo !! VVIP of the day

However, after 30 minutes we were in the MPV :

We were in Car Sick mode

Finally, we reached Genting Highland. We were given a road map where my teammate, Mai, and me will need to complete it !! I was so surprised when the time I received this road map because we will need to run over the Genting Indoor and Outdoor Park. In additions, we were informed that we are not going to have the ride ONLY. The marshals will given us additional tasks or puzzles.

Briefing by marshal before the contest

Adrenaline Junkie Challenge 2012 Road Map

I think we are the blur teammate (Mai and me). You know why? When people were busy to think their team slogan, Mai and me were busy to take photo each others. However, when people were ready for the contest, we were thinking our team slogan. Finally, we were late!!! People started to run over to the theme park and we left out behind........ Funny right? In my first mindset : "Haix... we going to lose lor".

    1st Station - Spinner
Our first stations was Spinner ride. I was required to count how many stars in the printed paper during the ride. However, my head appeared many stars ~ haha ~ dizzy dizzy. As the result, we were given penalty which is to sing twinkle twinkle little star. haha Funny !!

   2nd station - Corkscrew
Next Station, Corkscrew. Wow !! That's my favourite ride !! This game required my teammate, Mai, to finish a bottle (baby bottle style) of 100 PLUS when the corkscrew riding. Yes, we did it. 

    3rd station - Flying Coaster
Our next station - Flying coaster. Well, we were given a puzzle with full of alphabet, we were required to highlight 10 "FLYING" words which will be appeared in the puzzle. After that, we were need to take the ride - Flying Coaster. Unfortunately, there was some technical problem with the Flying Coaster which need to close up 20 minutes temporary. Yay, we thought that you can just passed for this station, who know -.- the clever marshals NOT ALLOWED lor.. We need to play 10 times Hula by using Hula Hoop before we given a pass to this ride.

    4th station - Snow World
The most memorable station for me was in Snow World !! You know why ?? We were needed to finish a coop of ice cream in 45 sec !!! Probably you will just curious, why so hard? is just a scoop !! Well well well... Please think about the environment, is SNOW World !! freaking cold la !!! negative 5 degree celcius lor !! But thanks god, we able to complete the mission. Yeah ! haha 

    5th station - Flying Dragon
Next, we were instructed to solve Sudoku before we had the flying dragon ride, while riding at flying dragon, we were given another two mathematics questions (each of us 2 questions which includes add, minus, divide, and multiply), we needed to give them the correct answer after our flying dragon ride. Sorry Mai, I am bad in memorizing thingy haha I don't ever remember all the questions. 

In my memory was just 1 question that I remembered it completely : 5 divide (what) + 27 = 32

Because of my mistakes, we were given penalty. Sorry sorry sorry~ hahaha

All of us solving our Sudoku before the ride

    6th station - Space Shot
Space Shot station is the next one we need to go for it after we taken Corkscrew. Both of us needed to remember " Tabby Allie Joe Allie Joe Tabby Benny Cally" then we were brought to Space Shot. 

Let's picture before we "SHOT" up

    7th station - Pirate Ship
After the excited Space Shot, we went for Pirate Ship. In order to pass this station, we were required to complete one simple mission which is, I need to help my partner to "colour" her lips with lipstick during the ride which my eye was closed during the time when the ship was swinging. Well, my partner given a clear direction, finally, I think is not too bad hahaha.

See!! how sexy on her lips haha 

let's say yeah for our team 1

    8th station - Euro Express
Next, let's go go go. Euro Express. I thought of we going to have that ride. However, is just a place where needed us to run over from Outdoor to Indoor only. Well in this station, marshals given me a sentence which I need to use my body language to act it out to let my teammate to guess.

The sentence given : " Superman and Ultraman are looking the TV show with enjoying their Pizza"

Hard right? So, we got penalty again which we were needed to sing any Love Song together. Haix... " Love me Love me Say that you Love me, Fool me fool me...." Thank you Bieber because your "Love Me" safe us.

    Final Station - SG. Rejang Flume 
Thank you marshals given us an opportunity to wet wet. Haha ~ Yes, is SG. Rejang Flume Ride. This ride was the final outdoor station, definitely we were so happy because we able to complete all rides after the SG.Rejang Flume Ride finally !!! hahaha 

~ Let's picture before we "go" ~

We were rushed to the Conventional Hall right after the final station. Finally. We done the whole contest. We had a great buffet lunch after our contest. Enjoyable.

The food I took - Yummy yummy

The photo sessions after our exhausted contest

Ring ... ring... ring... Opps.. I haven told you that who are the winners right?

Best Malaysia team - team 9 

Best Singapore team - team 13


With the bless of God. Is TEAM 1 !!! Mai and me !!! 
We are the champion, nobody champion, because WE ARE THE CHAMPION ... hahaha

I would like to thank the organizers, Resort Genting, The Sun Daily, LianHeWanBao and all the marshals who make this event a success !! Thank you very much. I really enjoyed the contest =) Hope to see you all soon in NEXT YEAR - ADRENALINE JUNKIE CHALLENGE YEAR 2013

Let's have a group photo

We had our group photo before given a Full Stop to this program.