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Wednesday, 28 November 2012

Uni Bugs Gathering at Antipodean Cafe @ Bangsar village

"They", the Uni bugs, had been arranged several gathering for the past few months, maybe years ~ hehe.... Finally, I am free to attend one of it during the Year 2012... hehehe proud leh ~ ~

We decided to meet up at Bangsar Village and I have no idea why they choose Antipodean Cafe as there are so crowded and we need to QUEUE for several times before we dine in. In additions, VERY HARD TO FIND PARKING LOR.....Well, just imaging the afternoon weather in Malaysia ~ ~ ~ Hope you will understand my feelings at that moment... hahahaha

After waited for a freaking long time to the arrival of our VVIP, Mr Christopher Yew "as usual - he never ever punctual before... hahahaha" ,  I ordered a big breakfast with bacon, quite big portion but not really filling as only served with egg, bread, mushrooms, mash potato and 2 slide bacon. 

big breakfast with bacon

The portion for the big breakfast is not consider TOO BIG for me but the taste is not bad as I personally is the English style breakfast lover.

Christopher (VVIP) and me

the Uni bugs, VVIP, Phooi Kuan, Bee Huah and Catherine

Bee Huah was so happy !!! don't know why

Phooi Kuan - my Best Friend in Engineering College

Catherine - she was so happy at that moment, maybe having a free meal kot ....

Christopher Yew - my ex-roommate in college time + BOSS for the gathering today :) Thank you for the treats yah :)

We continued our gathering at Delicious right after having the meal at  Antipodean Cafe, seriously there is not a good place for gathering because is damn crowded and also damn noisy. However, if you want to have a nice breakfast only, Yes, you may just go for it. =)

(0 - Poor, 5 - Perfect)
Food Rate : 4.5 / 5
Service : 5 / 5
Environment : 3 / 5 (too crowded)

(0 - Free of Charge,1 - Very Cheap, 2 - Cheap, 3 - Average, 4 - Expensive, 5 - Very Expensive)
Price : 3 / 5

Love you guys. Thank you.

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