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Tuesday, 27 November 2012


I am Eddren, an asian blogger which trying to amplify my lifestyle, foodies & holiday spots located at all around Malaysia as well as outbound.
*proud_to_be_one_of_the_blogger* BUT I am not a hyperactive type, hope you can patient while waiting my latest post to be updated.

Webby Latte, was came from the abstraction of freedom, relax, and socialism styles.Webby, representing social media and Latte, describing freedom and relaxing moment. Well, Our life is full with stress in many sectors, such like relationship, family, job, education, and etc. Therefore, I do really hope my readers are able to enjoy and release their stress by reading the posts of my life updates, things,  foods and places I did recommended through Webby

Well. Herewith my FIRST POST - Let's Go GENTING OH ~ 

Well. It had been a long planned to Genting trip among the juniors, Meigie, Eleen, Ruyi, Eu Gin, See Joon, Guan Ting, and accidentally we befriend with a hyper friendly, friend of Guan Ting, Mr. "Kah Jun", perhaps the wrong spelling, Sorry ~ I have no idea why there are many conflicts and arguments happened among "us" whenever we plan for anything such as the past Malacca Trip *_* Very Fan lor... Thanks God, everything solved and we finally did it.... Go go Go go go GENTING OH ~

Based on the program flow, we go Genting by Genting Bus Express, Oh Yeah ~ You again!!!! Ong Mei Gie....... you're the one who are the most LATE !!!! nyek nyek ~ RM50 oh~ you know i know yah. It's took around an hours plus to reach Genting Skyway Station.

Haiyo... why still waiting OH ~ Let's Photo ...... 自己找位噢~

Another 45 minutes, we reached GENTING HIGHLAND !!!! Yeah !! We went for check in Hotel, definitely would not miss any photo session opportunities ~ nyek nyek nyek

Photo session take 1 - mirror ~ mirror ~

Photo session take 2 - professional self captured skills by MeiGie

After having a crazy photo session, there we walked around the shopping mall at First World Hotel, and finally we had our lunch at food court, First World Hotel. I still remembered I ate chicken chop rice ~ TASTELESS at all......... sad ~ 

The TASTELESS FOOD I had mentioned... nyek nyek

Never mind !!! We went for Snow World right after our lunch time :) This cheer me up the most because that was my first time entering the "fake" snow world which located at First World Genting (indoor). Nothing to compare about worth or not worth, the ticket cost RM25, and we got discount due to we are "Green Card" holders. Well, is freaking small there but we had most wonderful moment where we played, throw the snow to each others- maybe is not consider snow but is consider as ice... type of ice kacang style, very smooth !! ~ hahaha ... Due to we unable to bring phone and camera when we entered the snow world, so?? What we waiting for?? Let's photo before entering ~ ~

We hold the tickets when took the picture one by one

All dressed up and prepared for SNOW WORLD OH~

Oh Yah. the damn memorable night planning session at Genting - Eleen Tan Birthday Celebration, 学珍 right?  Due to the time constraints, poor weather (damn strong wind which caused us unable to light up the candle :c hurh :c ), the whole celebration seem like a bit weird ~ don't know how to elaborate, plus the birthday girl was not so surprise too.... haiya !!! mission failed !.. However, HAPPY BIRTHDAY LA ~ all the best in your future.....

Eleen's Birthday Celebration and her present ( NOT the star la .. is what she wearing now_ purple dress )

If you go Genting, you're not going to CASINO nor THEME PARK, I have no idea to figure out what's the purpose you're in Genting. Just for relax? GO la cameron.... hahahaha. With that mindset, we went for out door theme park on the day after :) Gosh, just to recall back, my last visit the theme park was 8 years before, hahahaha I going to play until I mad !!! let's go !!! let's go.... cant patient at alllllllll....

Our Happy Moment in OutDoor Theme Park

Our dinner and hang around moments

New friend - Jackie and siblings (quite friendly lor)


Okay. I am tired now. As mentioned in my FaceBook, 
"Thanks God, for the whole nice weather arrangement :) We are enjoyed the trip especially in the Day 2 ♥ Well, Eventually the happiness is just a short while however it not just a full stop to our friendship. With the bless of god (respectively), we will have this friendship forever, let's continue our NEXT Trip, at the meantime, do not forget your tests, works, as well as your family time :) Amen...."
Thank you.

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